Who am I?

I’m a Libra,

I’m trying to balance myself.

I’m trying to find my people

And take care of my health.


The moods I go through

Vary day by day.

If you expect me to be consistent,

Then please go away.


One day I’m happy

One day I’m sad.

One day I’m mad at a dude who’s not my man.


Sometimes I write poetry

Sometimes I feel holy

And sometimes I want to fuck the shit out of somebody.


I like passion and excitement

And hugs that last the whole night.

I like long walks on the beach

And conversations that only end when we sleep.


I’m a young girl

Out here looking for love

Searching for people to stimulate my mind

And appreciate my soul.


My thoughts are all over the place

But so am I.

Thank you for visiting my page

Feel free to say hi 🙂





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