Always conflicted

I finally found some people who are dope as fuck with some bomb ass loyalty but I don’t see myself fucking them

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Daddy’s upset

I need advice. So I’m going to the person I know who gives the best advice: me. I met this guy and it was weird because he’s like an ultra Dom. Or so he says. He claims he’s really aggressive and shit but I haven’t seen it. Like I repeatedly tell him that I’m his […]

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Where is my royal family?

I’ve been meeting with these girls for bible study and like I have mixed emotions because I really like their energy and I started crying when I went to their church. But I just feel more confused than ever. A lot of the things they say line up with what I believe. For instance that […]

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Dream: spring break again

4/6/18 Some dude was over and I wanted him to fuck me. We’re doing what we do then I realize that he’s not handling me like he knows what he’s doing. Once again I realize that the time I’m actually considering fucking someone, something gotta happen to where I can’t. What’s the point of fucking […]

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How do I get up for class????

Sitting here trying to figure out why I’m awake but not going to class …. You’re already up… You did the hardest part. Why don’t you just get out of bed??? I’m actually angry that I have to leave my warm comfortable bed to go into the cold elements of the world. I’m angry that […]

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