Welcome to dallas

I’m sooo upset right now. So fucking upset. I just spent $30 trying to get food. I try to order Uber eats and I’m thinking my order status is going to go down so like the last line is the most recent. But nooo these bitches wanna go fucking up. So I’m going to my […]

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I don’t like my sister

Somebody please explain to me in what universe it’s ok to show up at someone’s house with the intention of staying the night without ever having mentioned that you want to stay the night …. Like sometimes I be feeling like it’s my responsibility to heal everybody in my family like wtf. Idk if I’m […]

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Lame my ass

Bitch have the nerve to say the guys I know in Houston are lame. Bitch. You don’t even have a fucking job. You from a little country ass town where bitches fuck their cousins and friends’ parents. You sit online and talk to fucking children but these dudes who been there for me for years […]

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Do you listen to me?

I’m really astounded that I can ask you to explain yourself on multiple occasions, tell you that I’m a whole woman and yet you still are sticking to your assumption that I understand what you mean when you use the word gay….. But thenn when I go to twitter and am asking how can a […]

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