Slut Walk

This shit so weird cuz like secularly I think a woman should have the freedom to do whatever she wants. Spiritually and health-wise I think it’s scary that women are with a bunch of different dudes. But of course who am I to judge? Cuz first of all I’m a slut. I’m kind of a […]

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Dream? Ones

7/10/18 Tuesday Before I went to bed I saw a monster when I closed my eyes. Woke up at 6, went back to sleep and woke up at 6:01.

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Meagan thee Stallion

So wtf. I went to this concert. I was sure I’d have fun right. The bitch is lit. Her songs go hard. The only fucking problem, there was beaucoup opening acts!!!!!!!! It’d be bearable if they were actually good!!! But they weren’t 😥 Omg it was so frustrating. I was hungry, stomach hurting, back hurting, […]

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Next Weekend

Letter to My Protector: Hi 🙂 I’m here again so ecstatic of how my life is going. I thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. Please let me know what I may do to show my appreciation. For now I have another request for next weekend. The dates will be July 13, […]

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Dumb ass ho

This stupid ass bitch. You started your relationship off on a lie so what else did you expect from him???? He can’t even be honest with you about his height so why would he be honest with you about anything??? And then you try to use my life and my decisions to justify yourself. No […]

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Welcome to dallas

I’m sooo upset right now. So fucking upset. I just spent $30 trying to get food. I try to order Uber eats and I’m thinking my order status is going to go down so like the last line is the most recent. But nooo these bitches wanna go fucking up. So I’m going to my […]

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