Why don’t I want to kiss you?

Well first of all you’re not that attractive to me. Not ugly, no definitely not just a different body type than I normally go for. So why even pay you any attention? Honestly because what I normally go for hasn’t worked out for me, so now I’m looking to try something different. But I still hesitate.
You know lots of guys tend to not want to settle down. And I get a different vibe from you but then again I’m not sure. If I knew you were about a serious relationship or even friendship then I’d feel comfortable letting down my walls, but I don’t know. Honestly if I knew you were solely interested in getting some ass I’d feel more comfortable. It’s that being in between that makes me not want to do anything for fear of hurting you. Say you do want something serious and I let you get all involved thinking you’re just looking for sex and then you find out later I don’t feel the same. I’m sure your heart would be broken which honestly would break my heart too. I feel like you’re scared to admit your feelings and its too soon for me to judge them accurately.
But then I’m always putting other peoples feelings before my own, and I’m trying to get away from that. So I have to ask myself what do I want? And honestly I want love. I know that’s something I’ll have to wait for, so in the meantime I’ll settle for an attractive male friend to give me a little attention. Do you see the conflict? If you can offer me the love I want I will want to take it slow and let it develop; however, if you aren’t a guy who is able and willing to be the man I want then I just might do a lot more than kiss you šŸ˜Š


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