Going back to my old ways

Since I’ve been home and constantly around my friends and family and all types of people who love me I feel myself going back to that dependence on others for happiness. The few times I am at home alone, I find myself searching for something to do. I feel a sense of discontentment in my soul. Like no matter what activity I pick up, if I don’t have company I won’t really enjoy it. I’ve worked so hard to overcome this feeling before and I don’t want to go back to how I was. But I also don’t want to restrict the time I spend with my friends because this isn’t something I get to do often. We all have our separate lives and responsibilities, but during Christmas break we have so much more time to be together! I don’t know if I need to take a step back from my friends, or if I only need to consciously work on changing my mindset during the times I’m alone. It saddens me to see how everything I’ve worked so hard to become can be lost so easily.


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