Why I blog

I need to find myself again. I don’t know what to do… I cannot remember what I did to get that satisfied feeling I had for the last month or so before the break. Was it the walks I took? Too cold for that now… Was it me being alone more? Can’t make that happen until school starts back. You know I think it’s none of those things. I think what’s caused my regression is how little I’ve been posting. I created this blog as an outlet. A means of companionship, in a way, when I don’t have the opportunity to be around my friends. I’m striving to be happy independent of anyone but myself. Part of that effort was spending more time outside and learning how to enjoy the time I had to myself, but I think the biggest impact was made by this blog. It allowed me to get out any negative feelings and also it allows for me to reflect and dwell on the positive ones. It’s a way that I can sort through my thoughts to achieve peace of mind. It’s something that I definitely need to put higher on my priority list, so I can get back to that state of pure blissful happiness.


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