How much do you love me?

What’s a Libra to do when her friends are busy? I know they are trying to do great and wonderful things with their life but my goodness when I wanna talk to you I kinda expect you to make time for me. Is that something I shouldn’t be expecting? Is it not normal to prioritize your life and make time for the things that matter to you most? Should I not be expecting to be a top priority in my friends lives? I feel like most of the world must disagree with me because whenever I complain about not talking to my friends everyone tells me I need to learn how to enjoy time to myself 😒 Am I not allowed to miss my friends? I could be having the time of my life and I’m still going to want to speak to my best friends every now and then. And well I guess my every now and then is probably way more often than a lot of people’s, but don’t I have a right to ask my friends to love me how I desire? I really feel like most people will tell me I’m crazy for trying to dictate how someone should act, but in my mind it’s perfectly logical because I would do the same for my friends. If they told me they’re upset, I would probably drop whatever I was doing to try to make them happy. So of course I only expect the same from my friends. But then when I try to call them and there’s excuse after excuse as to why they can’t talk to me it makes me really sad. I completely understand how important these things are, and I’m really ecstatic that my friends are such productive human beings. But omg there are 24 hours in every day. If you can’t find at least 10 minutes in one of these days I feel like I’m such an insignificant part of your life. That’s when I start to get depressed. As long as I know that I have really great people who love me with all their heart, I’m perfectly fine with finding things to do by myself. But the second I start to feel like I’m going through this life with no one by my side, that’s when I start to question who in this world really loves me enough to do anything to make me happy.


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