Problems with Men and Sex

I think the first issue is the word no. If a girl tells you she doesn’t want to have sex with you, that should be the end of the conversation. All the questioning about why she doesn’t want to and asking to just put the tip in just this one time is more than just unnecessary. Oh no that my friend is sexual harassment. If she says no, no means no. You are not allowed to have sex with her, so stop asking. Respect her body and her wishes and find someone else to put your dick in.

Now what if she says yes? Then you my friend have a job to do. She is agreeing to let you stick your penis in her vagina at the risk of pregnancy, disease, heartbreak and/or her reputation in the hopes of being sexually satisfied. It don’t matter if this is your wife or a one night stand. When a woman has sex she wants to enjoy it therefore you must figure out how to please her to the fullest.

First of all there’s a clitoris. It’s a little tiny thing between a woman’s legs that’s basically a female version of a penis. It has a lot of nerves and is the only way to get a lot of women to reach orgasm. I’ve been with quite a few men in my short lifetime literally from all around the world and ONE of them has been able to find my clit. The rest either didn’t know/care to look for it or they tried and failed. Both of those are sad sad facts about a lot of men. Why are women out here getting men off left and right when men can’t seem to learn how to return the favor? Of course it’s a little bit more difficult because a penis is way bigger than a clitoris which really doesn’t make any sense considering women generally pay more attention to detail. But oh well. It may be harder but its not impossible. Find the clit!!

Other than the clit, a woman has multiple other sweet spots. It is your job to find them. Foreplay is so important with women, and men act like it doesn’t exist half the time. But you have to realize no woman is the same, so always going to the same spots that worked on the last girl you were with is not ok. You must learn every inch of this woman’s body to find the places she gets the most pleasure. Ok maybe this is where I might need to differentiate between relationships and hook ups. Don’t get me wrong, every time you have sex with a woman you should ensure that she is enjoying herself. But I get that you’re not going to want to put the same effort into some bitch that you would to your girl. But if you’re with a girl make sure you are not the only one being satisfied!!! If you let her make you cum but you don’t finish her, you have failed as a man and need to turn in your penis. Unless of course she doesn’t want you to finish her, then you take what she’s giving you and don’t try to force anything further.

As far as sanitation please please please don’t come to me smelly and dirty. Take some time to put some effort into your appearance and hygiene. And pleasee explain to me why we are lying about having diseases?? Do you want the whole rest of the world to catch what you have? And if its really that difficult to be honest at least wear a condom. Come on now, you got a disease and you wanna go raw. No sir, get your life. And since when are we having sex with girls who’s vaginas smell?? That is not ok. You are asking to catch something. A vagina is not supposed to have a foul smell ever. If you start smelling fish when she take off her pants, abort mission!! It’s that simple. No woman is that cute to risk yours and every other sexual partner you will have in the future’s health and well-being.

But if you’re clean and for whatever reason you trust your partner enough not to wear a condom, why are you not pulling out when you know you don’t want a child???????? Then the second she says she’s pregnant you tell her to get an abortion like that’s a quick and easy fix. No honey, abortions mess with our body and mind. It’s not over once the baby’s gone. We have to deal with that the rest of our life and hope we can have another kid when we’re ready.

Hopefully this gets to as many men as possible because I’m sick of the terrible sex going around. Not just with me either. I have friends who tell me stories and they are very disappointing. I saw this post on social media that was making fun of women for not knowing how to control ourselves while on our periods when we’ve been getting them since the age of 13. The reply to that was hilarious. A woman replied and said that men have been watching porn since they were 13 and still don’t know how to give good sex. Men can we please put and end to this fact? Y’all are better than this. I believe in you.

Oh yeah and size doesn’t matter.


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