Just mad lol

I wrote this a while ago, before I even created this blog, but it is something I think way too often.

I’m mad AF. Like not only am I too cute to be single but like why tf do I not see anyone I’m interested in?!? Like ok I can understand if maybe I lived under a rock and never went out. Or even if I went out but never talked to nobody. But noo I’m out quite often and I talk to anybody who will listen. And there’s guys who want me but they lame as hell or ugly as hell or both. Now where tf the good men?? Do you know how frustrating that is to have men, I’m sorry boys who want me but I don’t want any of them?? But then I claim to not want to be single. But I don’t want them. I wouldn’t be happy with them. They just make me angry not being a good option. Like wtf?!?!!!….,.,


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