Should I be Happy Without Friends?

Love yourself
Now what really does that mean? Does that mean I would never kill myself? Does that mean I would never let anyone disrespect me? Does that mean I would be perfectly content if I was the only thing I had in this world? Do you see where I’m going with this? People say to love yourself, but I feel I already do. I think I’m a beautiful, funny, intelligent, interesting, loving person. But see this question comes up because I like people. I like doing things with people and talking to people and having people constantly express their love for me and take care of me. And when I say I don’t like doing things alone people always want to tell me I don’t love myself. But I don’t see it. I see a woman who loves company. Who loves sharing moments and memories with others. You don’t create inside jokes with yourself and well if you do that doesn’t sound fun to me. Is that wrong? I’m not saying every time I’m by myself I’m miserable and depressed, although if I go too long without quality interactions with others I do lean towards depression. But who wouldn’t? The time just might be longer for someone else.
Think about a person who has no family, no friends, no significant other. Maybe they speak to people at work or at school but they don’t have anyone they feel a connection with, they don’t have anyone they feel understands them or cares about them. No one but themselves. Would you expect that person to be happy? Would you expect them to enjoy all the time they have to themselves? Would you expect them to feel content with life when they literally have no one in this world to be there for them? I sure would hope not. I would hope you understand that the need for love and acceptance is a crucial part of human existence.
Now I know I gave an extreme example, but the principle is still the same. Often times I go through life feeling disconnected and misunderstood by everyone around me. Yes I do feel I can seek more self fulfillment but the problem I have is that people seem to want me to go further than I think I need to. I’m supposed to do what makes me happy right? Well what makes me happy is good conversations with people that truly understand me. What makes me happy is helping those who love and care about me. Why do I feel pressured to get addicted to Netflix or video games just so I have an activity I desire to do by myself? I think that’s absurd. I am a Libran woman. I will always and forever choose companionship over being alone.


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