Jasmine is hurt. Not any kind of physical pain, not any kind of intentional emotional pain either. Jasmine is feeling the kind of pain that comes from being let down by someone you thought was better than how they acted.

I made another post about the boy I just met who turned out to have a girlfriend, and well I talked about my feelings on the issue, but Jasmine’s feelings are slightly different. Jasmine doesn’t care about eliminating the world of cheaters, all she knows is that she was very excited about this new relationship and now it’s over. Just like that he’s gone.

This man evoked excitement out of her. He was attractive and respectful and she enjoyed being around him. There was a connection she felt, like the beginnings of a beautiful friendship. Not the kind of friendship where you’re together all the time and you have lots of good memories together, no Jasmine was looking forward to the kind of friendship where you have 100% honesty and 100% trust. A friendship where she felt safe and secure exposing all her vulnerabilities then he had to go and demolish all her hopes and dreams.
She’s not angry in the least at him, not mad that he’s cheating on his girlfriend, not bothered by his willingness to continue cheating. All that exists is sadness at the realization that it’s men like him that don’t want to act right that are the reason I am single today.


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