My Attempt at Poetry :)

I wrote this almost a full year ago and decided to share this. Sadly the only thing that’s changed is the fact that one of those good friends I mentioned is no longer my friend.


Im sitting here, on this bus

On my way to a job I desperately need

Thinking about how happy I am to have this job

So grateful to God because I almost didn’t apply

If you can call a quick email applying.

I look out the window thinking

How beautiful is the sky

The clouds are in a perfect formation

The sun glowing right behind them

And you would never guess whats on my mind.

Staring at the beauty of nature and I’m contemplating…

How to get the bus driver’s number.

And that’s when I realize:

I’m thirsty.

That word alone can provoke different reactions.

An older person would tell me to get some water,

The newer generation would begin to think of me as a slut.

But I lack neither hydration nor sex.

What I lack are friends.

Now I have three great friends who would do anything for me,

But what I don’t have are great friends who spend time with me.

I yearn for attention from people who love me.

People who stay up late with me because I can’t sleep,

People who question rules and laws,

People who’ve learned something from life,

People who have a plan to change the world.

There’s so many things that are right in my life,

So many family members and friends who only want me to be happy,

But through all the blessings

I can’t get away from the fact that I’m thirsty for friends.


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