The Hug I’ll Never Get

Jasmine is not happy, she wants a hug. A really big, long hug. One that’s filled with lots of love and understanding. The type of hug that says I know everything you’re going through right now, but it’s ok because I’m right here. But who will give Jasmine that hug? Nobody. Nobody because nobody knows half of what I’m dealing with right now. I try to tell some people I think will know what to do, but either they don’t know or don’t care. And that makes everything worse. The fact that no one cares enough about me to know how badly I need a hug. No one cares enough to pay attention to me when I say I need friends. No one cares enough to think about me when they’re making plans. No one calls to check up on me, ask how I’m doing or what I want. The few people I did try to open up to make it worse for anyone else. I’d rather think in my mind that you wouldn’t be a person I can trust with my feelings than for you to prove that what I thought was true.

I go through the same thoughts honestly. Sometimes I’m happy living life, but I always come back to this place where I feel like no one cares about me. I know for a fact way down deep in my soul where nobody can touch that there are tons of people who love me. Really and truly from the bottom of their hearts, I’d die for you type of love. But the problem is that these people are too far away. They’re in the city some of them, but in my every day life it’s almost impossible to see them. Not to even mention we all have busy lives. And while they’re all far away, the people near me continue to act as if I’m an average Joe.


So Jasmine is just sitting here waiting on that hug.


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