Dear men

Don’t come to me like I’m crazy. Just don’t. You might actually see me go crazy and then you’ll realize how sane I was before.
Literally you texted me “K”. That is the universal sign that you are upset and don’t want to talk anymore. Me being me I decide to make sure there isn’t a bunch of miscommunication going on through text, so I call you to which you ignore my call and immediately text to say you’re busy. So now I really get the picture you don’t want to talk to me. So I leave you alone.
Next day comes and you still are “busy”. I’m thinking about texting you but I resist the urge fully believing that you will text me when you want to talk to me. More days go by and now it’s almost a week. Now I’m thinking ok it couldn’t have been that serious, let me just make sure we’re still friends. So I call you again, forgot about the time difference and your sleep schedule so I accidentally woke you up. I asked were you mad at me and you say no but with a tone like I have no reason to think that then tell me you’re going back to sleep. A few hours go by and you call me back wondering why I called you, I say I just wanted to make sure you weren’t mad at me and again you act like that’s a ridiculous assumption. And even more ridiculous that I would only call with that intention.
So I decide to believe you and forget that you were upset. I text you about a crazy event that happened in my life that you specifically said you wanted to know more about if more stuff happened to which you reply “lol wow”. That’s a message of not caring. You again are acting like you don’t want to talk to me.
I don’t reply to that text, wait a day and ask you again what’s wrong. You finally admit to being upset but act like I’m supposed to know you were only annoyed that day…. you constantly tell me I don’t understand you but now you’re expecting me to act like I do. But you’re still acting like I’m crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pleassseeeeee tell me how I’m crazy for waiting for you to contact me after you were clearly trying not to talk to me? How I’m crazy for noticing a change in your actions? Yes I could have texted you but normally you text me even if I don’t text you first! No I didn’t text you back but you never text like that unless I’m talking about nothing!!! YOU changed your actions but I’m the crazy one. Ok


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