To the friend who’s not listening:

Look I really need you to put aside your insecurities, your stubbornness your whatever that is telling you that I’m being unappreciative and I dont value you as a friend. I’m coming to you from a broken place. I’m asking for your help in this point in my life. Ok cool yeah maybe I need to focus on positivity within myself to see it in other people. Cool but that’s a process! It doesn’t happen overnight. What I’m asking for right now is a friend to listen to me and just let me be me.. I don’t need pressure to fix my flaws right now. I don’t need advice on how to better myself right now. What I need is love and support because for whatever reason, logical or not, healthy or not I’m not feeling it. That’s the situation at hand. Christina is upset because she does not feel like anyone understands her, she is scared to try to express herself because everytime she lets a little piece of herself out she is faced with negative reactions. It’s simple things that you may not think warrant any kind of offense but they are hurting me. Same way you want me to just accept you for who you are right now that’s all I’m asking from you. Just acceptance that the person I am right now, today is ok. I’m working on improving myself but the flawed Christina right now needs love and support


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