Me and my music

So I guess I’m weird with emotions. Like I already hide a lot of mine inside to the point where I have to stop and think about what I’m feeling to even recognize that I’m feeling anything. And well even then sometimes all I’ll get is that I’m irritated or dissatisfied but I won’t know why. At that point I have to think about what’s been going on in my life. Have I been arguing with my friends? When was the last time I was with a man? Has anyone been not listening to me? Have I been inside too long?

If none of the usual questions results in any insight into why I’m not content with life then I turn to music. I’ll either go to Pandora, YouTube, or my phone and shuffle everything until I find a song that speaks to my soul. Whatever song that is, is the mood that I’m currently in and probably what I’ve been lacking in my life. It’s kind of difficult sometimes because even if a song doesn’t fit my mood I will like hearing it any time. But I know the difference between liking a song and feeling the song. Idk why I’m like this but literally if I ever can’t figure out my mood I let the music tell me.


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