Problems I have with society

1. If someone gives advice to one group of people on how they can be better somebody always wanna turn it around and say the other person got issues too. Like yes we get it, everyone has issues but right now we’re talking about one thing. If you really feel strongly about the other point then you can start that discussion. Don’t come in to mine acting like I can’t express my feelings.
Example: a man posted on his fb page “be his medicine not his headache” now he’s a man so he’s only interested in how girls act. There’s no reason to jump in and be like “be her medicine and not her headache”. Like duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Can we just let the man be? He felt in his heart that he should remind women to be less argumentative so if that applies to anyone take it and do what you will with it. No counter arguments needed.
2. Always trying to make there be 2 types of people. There’s multiple ways to do everything, have you not noticed? And sometimes even if there is only two ways what about the people who switch off? Trying to make people fit into certain categories causes so many problems. Just let people live. Labels and categories cause so many insecurities and unhealthy actions.
3. People can’t let anybody have their preferences. Just because you don’t like Shipley’s, doesn’t mean they’re bad donuts. Like to a point it’s kind of a joke saying ewww you eat Krispy Kreme or tomatoes are disgusting. That’s your personal opinion and absolutely nothing is wrong with that. The problem I have comes when people literally be trying to convince someone else that their preference is wrong…… huh?? We do not have the same taste buds so how are you going to tell me who makes the best donuts?
4. Nobody wants to hear criticism. Men are worse than women from what I’ve seen but women do it too. Tell a man he needs to let his girl know ahead of time where he’s going and he’ll argue you down about why his girl shouldn’t be so insecure. Like ok maybe she is a tad bit insecure, but that still does not change the fact that in a relationship you should be operating as one. Your partner should not have to be guessing where you are. You shouldn’t even give her the opportunity to be insecure. And again it goes back to, if someone brings up an issue then let’s discuss the issue at hand not a thousand other issues that exist is this twisted world. If we wanted to do that nothing would ever get solved because we’re too busy pointing out something else that needs to be fixed instead of fixing the thing we know how to fix.
5. Nobody wants to teach but everybody wants to complain. “Abortion needs to be illegal!” Ok so are you going to give sexual education to your kids then? No? You’re just going to tell them to remain abstinent? Ok cool. Like really? How do expect people not to have unwanted pregnancies if they don’t even understand what goes on during sex? And parents loooove to complain about this generation but guess who raised us? Yeah that’s what I thought. Teach before you complain.


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