What women want

Since there seem to be “nice guys” all over the world complaining about how women always look over them and put them in the friend zone, I’ve come to bring clarity to the situation.

Problem 1: Women don’t put you in the friend zone, you put yourself in the friend zone. When you meet a woman and you don’t express any interest in her romantically or sexually what do you expect her to do?? Drop her panties?? No! If you don’t want to get put in the friend zone (and yes it is harder for a man to get out than for a woman) then you need to make your intentions known early on. I’m not saying be disrespectful but a touch on the back, compliments about how she looks, checking her out when you see her those type of things will let a woman know what you want with her and therefore she’ll consider you for hooking up or a relationship or whatever it is that you want. **Important every girl is different. These suggestions on how to show interest are just that, suggestions. Some girls may want more and some may be offended by these suggestions. If in doubt ask her friends they should know. But you need to make some type of move.**

Problem 2: Women don’t want a man to treat her like shit. Women don’t want someone who’s just an asshole or someone who’s just a “good guy”. Women don’t want one “type” of man. We want a blend. I think I speak for all women when I say this. What qualities are blended depend on the person but where men go wrong is they try to polarize what we want and you will forever be confused if you try to do that. Don’t be an asshole who lives life with no morals but don’t go to the other extreme and be a good guy who lets us do whatever we want and never expresses an interest in anything sexual.

The reason women continually go for “assholes” is because they are confident, nice looking men who have interesting personalities. Contrary to popular belief women do not enjoyed being played, we simply enjoy being in the presence of masculine energy and having that person make us feel like a sexy women which players do all too well. Players also tend to be athletes or others who make a commitment to have good looking bodies. Yes some is genetics but a lot involved in having a sexy body has to do with diet and dedication. You can be nice all you want but if you don’t put forth the effort to have a nice body don’t expect to have the attention that those who have nice bodies get. Its as simple as that.

As far as confidence, just because you don’t think you’re ugly or a terrible person doesn’t mean you’re confident. Again women like different things, if the women you are interested in seem to all go for players then they probably want someone who is borderline arrogant. If you want to impress these women then up your confidence level. (See Jidenna’s song Chief Don’t Run) If you really are opposed to this change then find girls who like less confident men. They want what they want and its perfectly ok for them to want that much confidence in a man. For those who do decide to learn how to portray more confidence (which in my eyes is never a bad thing) know that the goal is not to alter your personality or your being, you are simply displaying a certain side of yourself to gain the interest of a woman you think would already be interested in you as a person. The way women work, if we were living our lives without you then it’s your job to convince us that you will be a desired change. This does not mean that you are lying about who you are, but you will need to make sure we see the parts of you that are of interest to us. Again we do not know you. You see this girl and want to get with her, you must understand that she knows nothing about who you are, what you’re doing with your life, your sense of humor, she knows nothing but that her life was going just fine without you in it. So if you want to be in her life you have to convince her that it will be well worth her time to make a change aka show off your assets. **The way you show off your assets again depends on the woman. We are not all the same, there is no secret formula. I’m here to give the information to ask the right questions and to pay attention to the right things to see what the girl you’re interested in likes to see.**

Now what if you say you have a nice body and you’re very confident already? Well my friend either you’re just picking the wrong girls who aren’t compatible with you or else you’re boring. No you dont have to be a professional athlete or own a motorcycle(although these will definitely play in your favor) but have some hobbies, interests, conversation topics. Something man. Play league, Pokemon, avid politician, it really don’t matter but have something interesting going on in your life. You need interests to have in common with the person you’re trying impress.

Problem 3: Just because you’re single doesn’t mean women are at fault. There are billions of people in this world. Not every woman you meet will be attracted to you. That’s just a fact of life and it’s okay!! Doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you and doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with her (or all women on earth). She’s allowed not to like you, like she really is. Just because she doesn’t like you doesn’t mean she doesn’t go for good men. You may be a good man just not the man she wants. It’s really ok. I can’t say it enough. A woman is not at fault for rejecting you.

Now men I have given you the wisdom of life. If you don’t remember anything else remember that women like variety. There is a time and a place for certain personality traits and certain actions. Don’t be aggressive all the time but also don’t be aggressive none of the time. đŸ˜‰


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