My Dream

So last night I had this dream. It was kind of related to what I did yesterday where I was up all night with a friend. I can’t remember what friend it was in the dream or if it was a male or female but it was just one although we did hang out with other people throughout the night. We were up until the morning time like 8 or so doing who knows what, in real life I got back to my room around 3am. I think at one point we went in a movie theater or a store in the mall in the morning and I was yelling at somebody and for some reason my witty comeback was that I had never went to sleep like that made me smarter in that situation or something. Idk lol my dreams are always weird.

But the WEIRDest part happened when I was all of a sudden with my boyfriend who does not exist in real life. The closest thing I have is the guy I fell asleep on the phone with who we talk every now and then mostly about nothing or him asking me for pictures or complaining about how I don’t want to have sex with him 🙄🙄 but we’re not together. We care about each other in a weird way but it’s like we’re both scared to be vulnerable with each other or something like that. There’s space between us but also a weird pull. Anyways so this man in my dream he had his arms around me the whole time that I remember. He was standing behind me and I felt great lol and then my ex just pops up but I think I invited him idk how it happened but I intentionally for the 2 of them in the same room and we had this deep conversation about politics or something that me and my friends were talking about in real life last night. Then my ex leaves and my boyfriend says “he’s cool” and I’m happy he says that!!!! In my mind I’m thinking that’s a compliment because he approves of the man I was with before him and out loud I say “I know” like duhh why would I date a guy who’s not cool?

The weird part about this dream is that for one I don’t have a bf to be introducing to my ex. And for two my ex would not agree to meeting some new man in my life! Why so he can see the man I’m having sex with instead if him? I’d have to bribe him really good for that and I think he was willing in the dream. There was no tension at all.

My friend thinks my masculine side may be out of balance. Who knows


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