Dream: 9.9.16

I took a quick nap in a semi public area, some people came and were talking which woke me up a little. I was trying to block them out and go back to sleep when I started dreaming.

Of course my dreams are never normal, this one I’m sure is bringing to surface some desires I’ve been keeping under control in the back of my mind. This girl on my floor that I’ve wanted to talk to since school started but was scared for whatever reason, I finally talked to her and we’ve hung out a couple times. In this dream I kept seeing her and for some reason it was like as soon as I see her she’s leaving. Then I go to the cafeteria, see her and I’m calling her name, she kind of looks around but doesn’t see me. I see her at the table with another guy and girl and come sit with them. It’s soooo much noise and hassle(idk what) before I finally get seated and comfortable at their table. I’m not sure why I was having so much trouble getting with her, maybe because I had trouble finding a time to talk to her about something when we were both free recently.

The second part of the dream I felt everything so so strongly omg. I’m sitting with the girl and I start talking about something I can’t remember and then all of a sudden I start feeling this desire to do something crazy. I realize it in the dream and also in my conscious mind which is partially asleep and partially awake hearing people talk. As I have this realization that I want to do something crazy, I say it to the girl and I start visualizing being with a man and then I check snapchat and this man I hooked up with who definitely wants to again is texting me on snapchat. First of all I don’t have him on Snapchat and second he’s only cute to me when he’s not talking but in my dream I get excited about texting him back and having him give me attention and who knows what else that I feel so uncomfortable in my conscious mind and wake up.

Update: The same day I had this dream I walked into the cafeteria, saw the girl sitting at a table with some guy. I go over and I’m trying to see if I can sit with her so I ask is she leaving soon. Not only does she say yes but I feel like I interrupted their conversation minus all the noise moving chairs and stuff I was still a nuisance.
Then I leave the cafeteria and start walking towards my dorm and see the guy of my dream walking down the hall. He doesn’t live in my dorm but there he is fulfilling the rest of my dream.


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