I Have Ugly Girl Problems

So I’m not ugly. At all. I mean beauty is in the eye of the beholder but there are plenty of beholders eye’s who think I am more than beautiful. Now that my bit of conceitedness is over I’m irritated because I want someone to cuddle with and I can’t think of anyone to call. I want someone to take me out on dates and pamper me and give me massages and buy me food and clothes and there’s no one.

I get it, these aren’t things every human gets just by breathing. But I’m a girl. We get special treatment unless we’re ugly. Which makes me say I have ugly girl problems. No dates, no men to call, no man beside me 😦 I guess the difference is that unlike an ugly girl I have options I just don’t want any of my options so I have no one. I know I’m blessed that these are the problems I have because they could be much worse it’s just irritating being a beautiful girl who has ugly girl problems


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