Are these spiritual signs?

This morning my alarms were set to the same time as they’ve been nearly every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday give or take a few minutes. Even though it was the same time I had a totally different experience. I set three different alarms with three different sounds spaced to go off at specific intervals after I repeatedly hit snooze. The first 2 went off and I snoozed them like regular. They start going off again from the snooze. The time they started was 6:40am, for some reason once the time changed to 7 the alarm sounded almost evil and when I looked at the time and saw the 7 on my clock I immediately thought oh yeah I forgot 7 is a masculine number so that’s why it’s “evil”. Then I go to think 6 is a feminine number and its better than 7 that’s why there was a change. Then a few alarms later I finally wake up enough to turn and look out my window. I do this everyday but for some reason, maybe since I moved earlier I actually caught the lights before they turned off. Regardless, I see these lights at a close by dorm arranged in what looks to be a rectangle far away. My first thought was oh I didn’t know they had a basketball court over there. Immediately after that I start thinking it’s a halo around the dorm and that’s some type of sign to me. I could tell the the lights only looked like a line because it was so far away but I still believed it was a halo.

None of my alarms were different sounds, the sound at 7 was the same as the sound that went off before 7 so idk if this is all because of the show I was watching last night I was watching hidden colors and they were so deep into the Bible talking about other manuscripts not included in the book. Saying how negroes aren’t originated from Africa and all this other stuff that got me thinking about religion and spirituality. So I’m not sure if my spirit was more in tune to the things around me or if I’m I’m trying to make something out of nothing.


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