Effortlessly flirting

I met this guy a few days ago casually through mutual friends. We had a pretty long conversation one day and say hi every time we see each other. I’m downstairs in my dorm and he comes looking really nice. Of course I noticed but I wasn’t thinking (consciously) that I needed to get with him or make a move. He had on these gold glasses, they looked really nice but I didn’t remember him wearing glasses before so I asked to be sure. He got all defensive about it and I joked about him being defensive and we both laughed. Then I asked where he’s going since he’s dressed nice, mind you hes downstairs getting pool balls and stuff. He looks at me like duhh I’m playing pool to which I let him know he’s not dressed in pool attire. He’s dressed in I’m going somewhere attire. He then tells me he went to see a play. For a reason unknown to me, I started flirting soo hard with this man. I asked why he didn’t invite me to the play and he was kinda confused at how smooth I was basically telling him to ask me on a date. He thought I thought he was in a play and all this other stuff then when he realized I wanted to go see a play with him he said oh I didn’t know you liked plays. So I said ok well now I’m telling you and he goes alright we’ll take a rain check on that ๐Ÿ˜…

So basically the conversation started with me asking this man does he wear glasses and by the end of it we pretty much set up a date. When I tell you I was fully aware of what was going on but unable to stop myself. It’s almost as if I was one of the other people in the lobby witnessing the conversation. Something inside me took over and was speaking for me. It was soo smooth and he looked soo nice and I was soo surprised with myself.


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