Did I give him away?

I’m scared because I may have made a huge mistake. Me and my best friend met this guy. Now he is my type to the T. Locs and everything. But he’s a gentleman and educated and called us Queens so my friend was attracted to him too. For a while we were going back and forth between who would talk to him. We asked his sign because she’s compatible with earth and water signs and I’m compatible with air and fire signs. He happened to be an earth sign but it couldn’t be that simple. He had to be the one earth sign that’s my moon sign. Any other earth sign and I would have left him alone. The fact that he’s a Virgo and moon signs show more compatibility than sun signs I still held on.

A mistake I know I made was telling her she could have him after we asked his sign. I immediately regretted it and tried to take it back but it never really works like that. So anyway we’re both fantasizing about this man, I’m thinking how he’s literally the guy I sat and created the very day before. She’s saying he’s the guy she tried to turn her ex into but yet she keeps mentioning how she needs to fuck him. That’s what was giving me doubts about how she really felt but she swears she meant fucking is necessary to have children. So he invites himself over to my room. Buys us food!! Pays the delivery fee and gives the driver a huge tip. Pays for parking after I promise him he can park for free. And overall he’s just exhibiting qualities that I want my man to have. I’m telling her how we could still be compatible because of our moon signs and she brings up this other guy and how her feelings didn’t change about him because of that extra compatibility it just made him more bearable. I’ve never actually been with a Virgo so I have no evidence to support or refute that statement. The way I am with astrology, since everyone loves to say all kinds of crazy things about the zodiac signs, I don’t believe anything until I’ve seen it in real life. It will probably take me multiple accounts of 2 different people of the same sign showing the same character trait. So until I talk to a couple Virgos on a semi serious level and realize no feelings come out of it I will not believe I will never catch feelings for one. On the same note until I catch feelings for one I will not argue somebody down about how it’s possible. I realized later that the man she was talking about is a Sagittarius, her moon sign is Scorpio so idk what she was talking about but any point she was trying to make is now invalid. Like completely invalid. You are still currently in love with a man of your moon sign. Planning to marry him even though he’s telling you hes not in love with you anymore.

Anyways the point is he came over and I’m still thinking he’s the man I created. We go to this volunteer thing, him and my friend are matching unintentionally🙄🙄 he mentions how he remembers her from these track meets in high school (3 years ago) he leaves and she tells me how in the 2 seconds where I left them in the room together he took that opportunity to pull her over to him and start flirting with her. She’s all excited about it and I’m mad that he would do such a thing and I’m upset that she would think it’s ok to tell me something like that like I’m supposed to be excited too!!! I didn’t realize it until today but it really irritates me that she thought it was ok to tell me that like I would be happy for her. Like I’m not over here claiming him too like wtf. She really had it set in her mind before I even said anything that I’m just gonna get tired of him after a couple weeks and that I don’t have time for him (because I said I don’t have time for this fuckboy who tried to talk to me after just talking about his girlfriend). I get how I actually said out of my mouth that I don’t have time for anyone but I don’t get how she didn’t understand that that was for that nigga not for someone who’s actually serious??? Like come on now you’re over every weekend. You believe I got all kinds of time to party with you not understanding I actually have work to do but now all of a sudden you want to actually believe that I have responsibilities that will take up every one of the 86,400 seconds in a day that I can’t date a beautiful ass man that calls me a queen??? The hugest thing that irritates me is not that she wanted him or assumed I didn’t want him but she was completely shocked and confused when I said neither one of us could talk to him. I tried to tell her it’s for the best. If we both want him and can’t decide who should get him, unless she want to be fighting over a guy then it’s just best we both admire from a distance and neither one of us gets him. She acted like that was blasphemous. How dare neither one of us date him. I just don’t get it. She’s a great friend but she can’t be my best friend. When I think of a best friend she does not do half the things I would expect my best friend to do. I should have known I should have known. I really need to trust myself. We had a whole argument where I told her I didn’t see her as my best friend and she got all hurt and stopped talking to me so I felt bad and even when we started talking again I still felt bad so I convinced myself that she could be my best friend and now I’m regretting it. Badly. Idk what to do. I’m not trying to be fake and call her my best friend when I’m thinking she’s not but I’m not trying to be like hey yeah I thought about it and you’re not someone I can call my best friend.

Anyways back to this man so she told me how he made a move on her or whatever and I was attributing that to the fact that I asked did he have brothers which maybe he thought that meant that she was the one he should go after. Regardless of the situation, the point is that I was still holding on. He’s still a beautiful man that I want to marry. We had made a group chat and idk why idk how but my texts were not getting to this girl, the only texts she got were from him and when she replied it was a direct text to him. That was my final straw. I was already trying to be like alright he’s an earth sign, he’s yours but I wasn’t letting go of the fact that I still wanted him. Once I realized something was going on in the universe that wanted her to only be able to directly text him I gave up. I took that as a sign that they were meant to be and I was in the way. I left it at that and she was texting him and I was ok with it.

Then the problem comes up when she’s telling me about the things on his Snapchat. She’s saying he has really good game and she doesn’t know if he’s a fuckboy or not and I’m just like if you gotta second guess a guys intentions then you don’t understand him and he’s not for you. And especially if you cant ask him his intentions. Then it gets worse because she starts telling me about his Snapchat stories. She’s saying he’s being all freaky, some girl on his story idk if it was a video or someone in real life but they were talking about how wet their pussy gets when they see a greasy dick and he had something about how milfs are great cuz they’ll fuck you then do your laundry and before he was saying how he used to get into fights all the time and I know bobbie doesn’t like ratchet niggas. She’s texting me freaking out about how gross it is. And maybe I would understand her thinking that’s inappropriate because it is social media and sexual things are private to me. But she took it a step further and she’s questioning his whole character. She wondering if he’s a fuckboy and if he’s been putting on a front for us and now I’m back to thinking he’s mine even more than before. She’s telling me this and I know she wants me to say that’s disgusting what he’s doing but all I’m thinking is how attractive that is. For someone to be so gentlemanly and respectful to me then to find out he a freak??? Boyy I need to marry him. Now I’m irritated because I feel like I gave away my man. I sat and created him, then found him and gave him away 😦

I’ve been trying to listen to myself more often because usually I’m right but this time her logic sounded good. He’s an earth sign and my experience has not been good with anything but an air sign. And I don’t know how much moon sign affects compatibility. But idk, I just want a man and I feel like he’s supposed to be the one 😦


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