Checking myself

Am I ok? Am I doing everything right? Am I wrong for expecting her to stop “voicing her opinion” because I feel like she’s trying to change my mind or tell me how to think. Am I wrong for getting upset at things that aren’t intended to hurt me? Am I wrong for expecting her to remember what I like and don’t like and don’t try to get me to do those things? Am I wrong for believing a best friend is on the same level as a boyfriend?

Actually I think all I want is to feel accepted and respected. Even if we don’t tell each other everything or understand each other’s viewpoint on situations I just want to know that you won’t try to tell me I should behave or think differently. Of course give me your opinion but if you keep “giving your opinion” it eventually becomes you forcing your opinion onto me and that’s not cool. I want you to respect what I say and leave it at that. If I tell you I didn’t have sex with him I want you to believe me. I don’t care if you walked in on us naked. You can’t look at my life the same way you look at yours, I’m not going to do the same thing in the same situation as you. I understand the things I say seem crazy or weird or unlikely to you but guess what it’s true. I just want you to trust that I would never lie to you. What’s the point in never lying if you can’t get 100% trust from those close to you?? Makes me just wanna start lying. Will make life a lot easier.


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