Focus on my studies

Today was a beautiful day. I learned a lot, met great people, students and professionals. But the main thing is I saw first hand how much I need to focus on my studies. These people talking about missing frat conventions, family reunions, labor day celebrations.. so much gets sacrificed for the end result. People will call you crazy , people will try to distract you, but you have to be strong in what you want. Know your end goal and never lose sight if it. There is no plan B. Just focus hard and put your all into and you will have no choice but to be successful.

I’ve already been transitioning to not going to parties and football games. Instead of using that time for productivity, I’ve been wasting it. Now all I need to do is put my time to good use. I’m already at home on a Friday night so now instead of looking for men to talk to I need to get into my books. Heavy.


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