My issues with sex

I’m scared. I might have lost a friend. All because I don’t know what I want. Not relationship wise just sexually. Of course I know in the moment if it’s pleasurable for me or not but if I were to try to explain to someone what I like I wouldn’t know what to say. I thought I liked biting until last night, I thought I liked when guys were lowkey, again until last night. I thought guys were too focused on penetration instead of staying on my clit, until last night. He was doing almost everything I thought I wanted but I was soooo uninterested. I was bored. This man had his fingers inside my vagina and I was bored…
But whyyyy. Why am I like this? I mean I know he wasn’t saying anything and that’s one thing I know I like but is that all I actually care about? Is there nothing I actually physically enjoy?
Why do I feel like the only one who has this problem. Why can’t I just be fucked and enjoy it.


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