Weird compliments I love

1. I think the number one that’s meant to be a playful insult but I love it is when people call me Dr Phil. It’s like when I’m getting all deep and psychological about something and my friend’s trying to make fun of me because I’m taking it so seriously. I know what they’re trying to do but I can’t help but love being compared to that man.

2. I was told I looked like I was rich. I guess my materialistic side takes pride in the fact that I have the ability to look rich even when I’m far from it. And it’s also kind of a compliment that the effort I’m putting in to look really nice and put together at all times is paying off.

3. I was almost called “one of the boys”. It’s kind of hard to describe that situation but the point is I take pride in being so chill and understanding of men and their ways that they consider me one of them. I notice this often with how guys act around me but for someone to verbally acknowledge this feeling made me happy.

4. I taste like caramel 🙂


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