Everything feels right

Idk what’s going on but my energy, my soul, my life, everything seems to be in line. I had a crazy but great night last night but this feeling really started Saturday. I guess it was when I decided to believe that something good was going to happen that day even after I got almost no sleep and woke up frustrated. I made a conscious decision to trust the universe’s plan. I began to believe in my heart that I would spend time with a friend and get the physical affection I’ve been craving. My brother ended up coming to get me, took me home where I saw my parents and our pets. Everyone knows how affectionate animals are. That was exactly what I needed. People and things who love and accept me.

Then Sunday I wasn’t so much thinking about good days or bad days but oh my goodness I had a great day. Spent hours relaxing in bed, had a great conversation with a stranger I met online, and had a great night with a friend.

Now I’m sitting outside actually doing my homework!! The assignments I’ve been putting off for weeks because I got frustrated every time I looked at them are getting done! I feel right. I don’t know any other way to describe it but that everything feels right.


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