Sugar baby advice

To all the sugar babies out there trying to get your money: STOP ESCORTING!!!

If you want to be an escort then by all means go for it; however if you want to be a sugar baby then you need to act like it. Yes you want/need some money, but you have the pussy. You are always in control. The only competition you have is other women who have pussies. As long as women keep settling for these “pay per meet” “arrangements” the guys will start to expect more for less. Escorting is payment for time. Every time a man refuses to pay for anything leave him high and dry a SD/SB relationship is exactly that: a relationship. Or that’s what it’s supposed to be but I’m slowly starting to figure out that between the media and what people believe a SB to be it has turned into escorting.

Picture Melania Trump. She’s a true sugar baby with a family and everything. Of course there’s different kinds because not all want to get married. But all are relationships, the sugar should come as a regular part of the relationship not as a requirement the first time we meet. Telling me to meet you at a hotel before I’ve seen you. Boy please.

I should be taken care of and pampered from the moment we meet. Of course I don’t expect much generosity before we know each other but I damn sure don’t expect you to take me to McDonald’s. How stupid do you think I am meeting you at a hotel? I am not a prostitute love, I do not have a price for sex. I do not have sex with men I do not know. I do not have sex with anybody to be quite honest but I’m pretending like it 😂 I’m just disgusted that if I actually did want a SD I couldn’t find one on these websites. They are literally all on there looking for escorts. They expect to go straight to a hotel and if I convince them to meet me somewhere they are not trying to spend a dime until we fuck. That is not how it’s supposed to be honey but I know why they do it. Because girls let them!! Girls get on the site and start talking to this man who says I’ll give you $300 to meet me at this hotel. They’re looking at their car note or rent like, I sure could use that $300 so they convince themselves that this is what’s expected of them when in reality what’s expected of you is what we as collective women agree to give.

You can’t blur the line between escorting and sugar dating. They have different names for a reason. They are meant to be 2 different lifestyles. One you have sex with strange men you do not know and they pay you for your time. The other you get to know the men before you have sex with them. You establish friendships and trust and they give you gifts or allowances whichever will make your life more comfortable.

Or am I just deluding myself? Am I the one who has the idealized definition of a SD? Because I really thought I wanted one. No lie, if I’m out here thotting around I might as well get paid for it.


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