Learning things in my dream

I be thinking it’s really weird when I have these dreams and in the dream I realize some connection that I consciously wasn’t aware of. Then when I wake up I check that connection and it’s true!!

Last night was the second time it happened. The first night was in high school when I was caught up between 2 boys I really liked šŸ™„ One claimed to be a crip and the other claimed to be a blood. Crips are blue and Bloods are red. So I’m at this church service with both of them there. Mind you these dudes are friends, they know each other and have talked to each other about me. So we’re at church and it was so long ago I don’t remember much but I was having to choose which side to sit on. On one side was the crip and all the seats were blue. On the other side was the blood and all the seats were red. I can’t pick between the 2 so I go sit in the middle and it turns purple. I’m all happy because it’s my favorite color but then I realize in the dream that if you mix blue and red together it makes purple. Now I know a lot of people know how to mix the colors and what color you’ll get but I don’t. All I know is red and white makes pink lol but in this dream somehow I knew that blue and red makes purple. So I wake up and check and sure enough if you mix blue and red you get purple!

The second time was last night. I don’t remember why I was dreaming about the Q’s but I was. Maybe it was M***k? Idk but I was dreaming about the Q’s and all of a sudden I was thinking about libras and I realized the Libra symbol is the same as the Greek letter omega. I go back and forth in my mind during the dream about how that’s so weird and why have I never noticed that until now. I’m almost awake so I’m thinking it’s just a dream there’s no way that’s actually true. But sure enough I wake up and compare the 2 and they are almost identical!

I have no idea what this means but it’s pretty cool to me.


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