Mr. Bus Driver

So I’m confused about what tf is going on which means you’re confused about what tf is going on. Which means that you’re a waste of time because my man will know he wants me. After a year and a half you’re still confused. No matter how long you take to develop feelings I’m pretty sure a year and a half is long enough for you to know enough about me to to decide what you want. But I guess you saw my good side, it wasn’t until you learned about my wild side that you really caught interest. But am I just making excuses? And then the insecurities, you know they exist but will you ever fix them? Or will I always be waiting for you to reach your potential?

So if I tell you to call me what will I say? Yeah so I realized that you haven’t been pursuing me for any type of relationship. If you want to get married like you say then how come we haven’t gone on a single date yet? If you want to be friends then how come we never hang out? You really acting like you just want someone to call to have a cool conversation with. I mean I guess that’s cool but all these questions boil down to what do you want when really it’s not a matter of what you want, it’s a matter of what I want and I don’t want a man who isn’t sure if he wants to be with me or not.

No I know what ima do. Im not gonna call him or ask him where his heads at. Ima just be cordial. If he texts me I’ll talk to him but like jaz said. Talk as if his presence or absence doesn’t concern me. If he’s there cool, if he’s not oh well. None of this excited bull shit because he’s already showing you that he doesn’t know what he wants/has personal problems. If he asks why you’re distant/nonchalant/whatever he describes it as just say you realized that obviously he doesn’t want you or he would have been made moves to be with me.

No texting him first, no asking to go places, no calling him not even if you’re crying. Maybe idk we’ll see. You have so many other friends tho. No yeah don’t do that because it’ll start getting more and more frequent.

You don’t need to text him and ask him how he feels because A) he’s going to call you. I know he is. Especially you texted him back last night after you been ignoring him. And B) you know how he feels. He’s confused and what you look like with a confused man?

He’s most likely going to ask why I was ignoring him and I’ll just say I’m over it. No that’s lying. I’ll tell him I was upset at first but then I realized I’m trying to force him to do something he obviously doesn’t want to do (claim me) so I’m over it. That way either he realizes he needs to take steps to claim me or he realizes he’s been trying to convince himself that he needs to be with me when he knows he doesn’t.


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