I’m upset

I want a friend. A real ass close ass emotional ass friendship. I’d prefer it be a woman just cuz men bring complications and it might end sooner that it would if it was a woman. I want someone I can call and talk about my fears and why I’m crying. I want someone whose boyfriend doesn’t make her hang up the phone. Someone who can go have fun with me without lying to her boyfriend. I want someone I trust 100%. I want a kitchen and some real food. The taste of this restaurant food don’t even cut it no more. Spaghetti warehouse, chili’s, none of it sound appetizing to me. Don’t even come to me about McDonald’s 🙄🙄 I am so fed up with my life. I’m tired of living in this dorm. I’m tired of the people in my life. I love m** to death but idk if it’s her age but for some reason I can’t see us becoming the type of friends that I want.


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