What I learned from a Pisces

1. Your exes can actually bring stress to my life, we can’t date if you got a crazy ex
2. I need someone with a mouth
3. I need someone who isn’t gonna just sit and let me be all scary and uninvolved
4. I need to feel understood before I really like someone
5. If I talk to a man he will feel led on
6. I MUST let a man know before you do anything sexual with him. They need to know the severity of my difficultness
7. Let him know ahead of time what I do and do not want to do and why
“Either the guy I’m with complains about me not doing anything or else I do something and he gets all excited and starts doing more than I want to do and doesn’t want to stop”
8. Sex is a no until they prove to be different
9. If you have to think about it its a no!!!!!!!!!!!! And make sure he knowss it’s a no
10. If the zodiac says you’re not compatible you’re probably not compatible

*I’m scared we won’t be the same. We were good friends and I don’t want that to end*


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