Best cracker I ever had.

Yesterday (it was yesterday when I started this lol) was one of those days where I desperately felt the need to go somewhere. I’m looking online and just when I find a place to go, my friend Sabrina calls me and says she’s about to come get me so we can go somewhere. She says dress classy but not too much so I already know we’re about to be meeting some potential sugar daddy. I get excited and get dressed then sit down to look for internships while I wait on her. An hour and a half later she lets me know she fell asleep and now she’s getting ready. I’m like alright bet I’m not trippin.

Then another hour goes by and I haven’t heard from her. I ask what’s going on, she texts me back another hour after and says we’re leaving at 8:30. It is now 8:00 and I’ve been waiting for 3 1/2 hours 😑  I’m like ok another 30 minutes isn’t too bad, I can wait. Oh then she says we’re going to the rodeo. Now I know that means we’re with her bf so it’s civilized fun 🙄. I’m still wanting to get out so I’m like ok this will work. Rodeo is cool.

8:30 comes and goes and now I’m getting irritated. First of all, I’m impatient to start with and second of all, I was dying to get out before she called. This whole time I’ve been waiting I’m suppressing my desire for fun and adventure with the promise of it coming soon. Finally at 9:00 she gets to my dorm. There’s her, her man, and this dude in the back seat who I’ve seen before and know his name but I have noo idea who he is or how they know him. But I just sit down and continue about my business. Oh but guess what? The seat’s wet from dog piss. I’m trying to inch over without being too close to this man I do not know and just accept the fact that my pants are gonna be dirty until I get home and wash them. They start talking about how to get to his mom’s house. I’m like what?? I thought we were going to the rodeo, but I don’t say anything. I’m just sitting in the backseat, on the phone with my friend and accepting the fact that I’m wasting my time being with them. I tell him we’re probably not going anywhere at the rate they’re going which idk maybe that put bad energy into the universe.

We get to this man mom’s house and I’m like are we staying here? Does he need to talk to his mom?? Like why are we here, then this 10 year old little girl comes toward the car. I’m like ok I guess she’s coming with us to the rodeo and she gets in the backseat so now I can finally scoot over enough not to be in the piss. By the time we get to the rodeo and find a parking spot, it’s past 10 and they won’t sell anymore tickets. So now they’re trying to figure out what else we can do like play uno or something. That sounds nowhere near appealing to me so I tell them to take me home.

I ask J**** if he wants to go somewhere with me but he’d rather play a game. So I hop on the train and go downtown. I chose this place that had 4 different places I’ve been looking at going to within walking distance. There’s bum looking men looking at me and gravitating towards me on the train and at the stops. One of them came and started talking to me asking for my number and stuff. He said I looked like I was sleeping standing up and idk why but I started dying laughing! Even when I walked away from him I could not stop laughing. I know he thought he was the man for making me laugh so hard but his friend was asking do I smoke like he thought I was high 😂.

I was texting my friend the whole time but now I call him to tell him what just happened. I’m on the phone with him and this man on the train trying to sneak and take a picture of me right in my face 🙄🙄 but at this point everything is funny to me. Another man stop me in the street asking where I’m going holding my hand for way longer than necessary and I’m just laughing. I go into one bar that has a really nice mirror. Nobody there but a couple people break dancing, so I left. I go to this lounge that has electronic music inside with three people really getting into it and outside they had one girl dancing for her man. They had a man cooking food. I looked at the prices and immediately knew I wasn’t going to buy any but then he offered me a sample. I kid you not this man pulled out a cracker, he tell me I’m probably thinking he’s crazy, I’m like yeahh I do. But he say try it before I judge. I try that cracker and omg. He put all type of seasoning and oils idk what he did to that cracker, but it tasted better than the pasta he gave me later. I awkwardly made my escape when someone else came up and started talking to him and went to lounge #3. It took me a lil bit to find the entrance but I get upstairs and it’s really cute! I’m just thinking about how much potential these places have, I’m wondering if its dead because it’s sunday or if they’re just overall lame places I never want to go back to. I leave there pretty quickly, only some bride/bachelorette idk which one.

I walk down the street towards where I heard music earlier wondering was there another place that wasn’t on my list. I end up at the same club I went to the first time I went out. I had no desire to go inside, but I was there so I decided to just pop in and see what’s up because I might see something I like. It’s 1:00 so I’m like maybe they stopped charging already. I go inside and nope they still want money so I leave. I walk away before thinking about my next destination, I get back to main street, see the train and wonder if I should just go home. I decide to try one last place just to have hit every place on my list. I get there, and it’s closed, look up the hours and realize it’s closed on Sundays. Oh well, I had a fun night. Time to go home.

Another bum looking man is like following me and I ignore him. I call my friend back to tell him and just to have someone who can hear everything going on and knows where I am. I go sit at the train stop and I’m having a good conversation so I’m not really concerned the train hasn’t come yet. Then it’s been 23 minutes and I decide to check the hours. The last train came through a whole hour earlier. So now I’m like what the heck. What am I gonna do. My friend tells me to call an uber, I don’t want to, he doesn’t want to do it for me so I’m like uggh ok I’ll do it. That hoe said $23 when I’m 10 minutes down the street. I called my friend Sabrina to come get me. But remember that laughing spell from earlier?? Yeah it never left, so I’m trying to tell her what happened, but I can’t stop laughing and she thinks something is really wrong. I send her the address and she doesn’t immediately reply. I know then and there that her and her man are having some type of argument. Like I’m40 minutes, after that bum man walked by 6 times and I heard gunshots, they finally come. This man is driving and he forever doing U turns. Last night was no different. We’re driving across a freeway when the car stops. We’re out of gas. My immediate thought is woww this is my fault cuz they came out to get me. But when you really think about it, if you’re that low on gas, then the first place you go to after you have your source of gas money (me) is the gas station. All these U turns and trying to get on the freeway is really dumb on his part.

Somehow, by the grace of god he gets the car started up again. I get sooo happy I’m like omg I won’t have to push this car cuz I’m still feeling like it’s my fault. Then this man starts missing turns!!!!!!!! You are running on no gas and you’re missing turns!! The car stops again and he tries the engine about 5 more times before he gets out to push. I’m feeling bad, but I know he’s the type of man that won’t let any woman push a car so I just stay where I’m at. At this point I’m not feeling as bad because as far as we drove and as close as the gas stations was, we could have made it without pushing if he knew how to follow directions. Some homeless man comes out and starts to help push for a second before he goes to get this gas can from who knows where. So now we finally got some gas, and you will never believe what happened…….. The battery is dead. I kid you not he’s turning the ignition and the car will not start. I’m just like wowww all this just to come pick me up, but at least the little girl got her adventure. I’m still laughing about everything and I think it was contagious for everyone except the man. She calls him the angry beaver haha. When he had to push he was happy because he needed a leg workout that day. But when the battery was dead, I could tell he was upset and us laughing was making it worse for some reason.

I’m calling all the hoes in my phone, but none of them are up at 4 am. My friend talking about one of us needs to stand outside, so someone will actually want to stop. People will want to help a girl not some dirty looking homeless man lol. Finally some nice man pulled up in a truck and gets the thing started.

I get back to my room and I’m just happy and satisfied. My friend had asked me did I think it was worth it and without a doubt I feel it was. Everyone is safe, I had a very interesting and fun night, that little girl got to experience something new, and my god I discovered what a cracker can taste like.



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