Some are born with it

I just had a crazy realization.

I was talking to this man online about astrology. He was asking me about his sign which is Scorpio. I told him I didn’t know much other than all water signs are passionate, caring, and sex experts. He then proceeded to brag about how my sign, Libra is not as kinky as Scorpios. As I was trying to think of how to explain to him the difference in a Scorpio being a sex expert but not necessarily more kinky or skilled at sex than a Libra, I realized it had to do with intuition almost. Whereas Scorpios are born with the knowledge about what turns their partner on, Libras have to learn. But being Libras and wanting to please the people we care about, good golly gosh, learn we do.

I was taking a psychology test and tbh I was reading the slides for the first time during the test. But this test was about memory and how to decrease memory failures and errors. Some of the ways listed to increase your memory about a particular subject were to find patterns in the material, see how everything relates to each other and to other things in your long term memory.

As I was reading, I was mainly trying to answer the questions before the time ran out, so everything just seemed like it made sense. I didn’t think about it too much. But when I got to my room and remembered how I asked a girl in my class if we had homework even though I skipped the class where he gave it to us. I was thinking to myself how it’s funny that I knew there was homework because there’s always homework on Thursdays. I thought about how I get through all my classes like that. I find the patterns for when work is due so that I never forget.

And that’s when I made the connection for all three situations. The psych class was saying how finding patterns and deep processing of the material leads to better memory. Well if I try to find patterns in everything in life and I overthink about everything, I’m bound to be deep processing and develop a good memory. If I analyze myself, and my friends, and quite honestly the world, what do you think I’m going to do when I’m reading a textbook? I realized maybe I have been doing the work to receive the grades I do. While everyone else is reading things over an over again, trying to use repetition to remember, I’m spending about half the time trying to understand what’s going on and process the meaning of everything. But that’s why air signs are considered the intelligent ones. Really and truly I always hate saying air signs are intelligent cuz people get offended, but our natural habits and inclinations are the things that are scientifically proven to help you remember and learn. Not that anyone else can’t become as smart as us, but they will have to learn the habits we have innately. And it’s the same for water signs and sex! The things water signs are born with, the rest of us have to pay attention to and learn.

Isn’t that crazy? Now I’m wondering what other skills people have that they innately follow. Like why are earth signs so disciplined?? What’s the thought process they’re going through? How do I stop being late to everything?


3 thoughts on “Some are born with it

  1. I wonder the same thing all the time! I enjoyed your story πŸ™‚ – as a Virgo my perfectionist qualities scare me, and I guess you can say I’m naturally somewhat more disciplined than most.


    1. Aww no don’t be scared of it!! Perfectionism is a beautiful thing. It means you care about things. You put in effort which is something a lot of people lack. You take pride in your work and as a result you’re building a great brand for yourself. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with striving for perfection as long as you don’t beat yourself up for making mistakes. Anyone who tells you otherwise needs to be removed from your life. But I’m glad you liked my story πŸ™‚

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