Accidentally went to class

I really tried not to go to class today. I turned my alarms off and everything.

This class is Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30am. I’m a vampire lol the exact opposite of a morning person. I struggle so hard to get to this class even when we have homework due! I have not turned in homework before because I could not get up and go to class. My alarms will go off for hours as I try to drag myself out of my bed.

Saturday night I was busy all day…. I was talking to my friends for hours on the phone, arguing with these people in my organization at school, and just when I was ready to lay down and relax these girls I met on an app wanted to meet up for lunch. I was hungry and I keep saying I want friends so I went. We ended up staying out all night, going to this concert at my school and then when they were supposed to be calling an uber to go home they were sitting talking about MMA and boxing ……. I was legitimately like broo y’all can go now. I have no interest in this subject. Y’all were cool for a minute but now I’m ready to eat and go to sleep. My head had starting hurting so I knew it was wayyy past my dinner time.

Finally they leave and I go to the cafeteria. It’s 11:00 so they only have pizza with 2 slices of pepperoni on each one. I eat 4 slices and I’m still starving.

As I’m sitting finishing up my snack, my ex who I haven’t spoken to since he got mad at me in October messages me on snapchat. Now I say ex and he not someone I hate like other people’s exes. Mine is amazing. He’s pretty much my best friend even though we don’t talk that often even when we are on good terms. He gives me the best advice, he’s always there for me, and I love him.

So when he messages me I know he’s trying to meet up and I get really excited. I’m like omg he wants to see me… he still loves me lol. So I go to his place and it’s already 1 when he picks me up so by the time we go to sleep it’s at least 3 or 4. For some reason he had to be up at 7am so I’m on 3 hours of sleep.

I have a test on Monday that I haven’t started studying for so I take a nap before I get started. It’s about 11am when my friend calls and says she’s almost here. I promised she could come to my room before she goes to meet some sugar daddy. In my head I’m regretting that decision cuz I’m soo tired.

But she comes and then I go outside to try to study. I’m doing ok for a bit then I get stuck on one part. I’m trying to figure it out when a man I met freshman year come up to me. We get started talking about inspiring kids, black history, religion, astrology, literally everything(Scorpios love to talk bro). Just as he leaves another man who tried to get with me comes up. Now this one knows I don’t want him so I thought he would just say hi and keep moving. For whatever reason he decides me having my computer and notes and headphones was an invitation to stay.

He ask can he chill with me I say I guess but I’m studying. He say ok and proceeds to sit down while I’m not paying him any attentionšŸ¤”šŸ¤” A few minutes later my friend calls and says she’s back. She comes and starts telling me how the man she was with took her to all these nice places, bought her a $300 dress and he has a 97 year old friend for me the whole time this other kid just sitting there. I know he gotta be thinking what the heck, is this what she be doing??? I start packing my stuff cuz I wanna talk to her without him hearing about my other side lol. I kinda tell him bye and she said he kept looking at me confused as I was leaving.

She stays in my room for a bit then I try to start studying again. Idk why I was getting so distracted but I didn’t really start focusing until 2am. I’m already sleep deprived from the night before and now I’m staying up until 5. I slept for maybe 5/6 hours but I knew it wasn’t enough cuz I was in class exhausted. When I get out of class I go right back to studying. I take my test then I have another event to go to.

When I finally make it back to my room after dinner, it’s about 8:30/9. I have an assignment that was due that day and another assignment due the next day. I tell myself I’m going to do both but I’m tired and getting distracted again so I end up doing 1 and telling myself I’ll just skip class and finish the other one when I wake up and I’m not as tired.

I finish at about 1am and I’m like yeah there’s no way I’m going to class tomorrow. If I can’t get up for this class when I have my regular 7/8 hours of sleep I don’t even want to attempt to get up at the level of sleep deprivation I’m at now. I set my alarms for 11am in time to get up for my second class. Turn off all the 7am,7:30am, and 8am alarms for my class. I already know who ima text to get the notes from class like I got everything planned out not to go to class.

Lo and behold I wake up at 7 freaking 30 in the morning. I look at the clock and I’m like woww I really woke up without an alarm. I never do that but I didn’t get up. I fall back asleep but I wake up again at 8:30! Now I’m like ok ok ima go to class. The universe did not want me skipping today for whatever reason. I woke up not 1 but 2 times without my alarm, early af in the morning and being sleep deprived. I even was thinking it’s 8:30 ima be late but then I realized I’ve been 30 minutes late before so that’s no excuse not to go today. I’m thinking of reasons to go instead of reasons I don’t need to go like I normally do.

I check my phone and this girl text me asking can I send her the notes. Now I’m really convinced I have no other option lol. So I got my butt up and I went to class.

All that plotting and planning but the universe had other things in mind.


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