Fuck niggas

Bitch, what the fuck. I’m literally in the middle of writing a letter about how much I care about you and how I want to open up and be vulnerable. And then you have to go and piss me off. What the fuck you mean I gotta unsave all the snapchat messages??? Why I’m even texting you on Snapchat?? And then if I don’t you gonna block me??

Like what the actual fuck, I know you was joking about having a girlfriend but I really would like to believe with all my heart and my soul that you wouldn’t cheat on your girlfriend. Like wtf?? Did you do that shit to me too? Or have you just changed? Like brooo you’re trying so hard to fuck me and you have a whole girlfriend.

And then you have the nerve to tell me not to think about it too much??!!?? What the fuck else am I supposed to do??? I’m thinking you actually care about me and shit and you want me to be open with you but turns out I’m some ho with good pussy you can’t get out your mind. You legit was over here trying to manipulate my ass into giving you some ass. Talking about how good you been to me and shit. And to think I was feeling bad that I didn’t want to fuck you. I’m over here questioning my decision to be celibate until I get in a relationship. I’m thinking you’re worth it. I’m thinking if I agree to fuck you then you’ll actually spend more time with me and talk to me more often and be the friend I want.

Haha funny. I’m definitely waiting now. Ain’t no nigga gonna convince me otherwise. You want my pussy then you gotta commit. And best believe I ain’t doing all that casual shit in the back burner like when we dated before. Not on your social media or nothing. Bitch EVERYBODY WILL KNOW WHO I AM.

And I’m watching your ass. You literally lost all trust. I was really trying to do something new and be vulnerable with somebody for a change. Now I’m back being to being a cold hearted single ass woman.

I feel sorry for the man who’s actually worth my time. He got a lot of work to do


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