I’m a grown woman

Why men always trying to make decisions for me??? I’m trying to get close to you and you trying to make sure I enjoy my life while I’m young. I tell you don’t kiss me and you trying to figure out if I been through some trauma or if I’m scared you gonna leave me or whatever. Like dangg can you just trust that I know myself and I know what I need??

If I ask to spend time with you then just trust that the best thing for my life is to be in your presence. I know I get depressed if I’m by myself too much, I may not tell you that but I will tell you to come get me. You thinking you’re protecting me from being with an old man is really hurting me and leaving me lonely and depressed. We could really be best friends by now.

And the thousands of men always wanna figure out why I don’t want to fuck them. Part of it is because you’re truly not worth my time and the other part is because I literally have diseases that I’m sure you don’t want. Rather than me telling every man I encounter that I have herpes ima just tell you not to touch me. Can you please just listen to what the fuck I’m saying I need to do with my body because I know what’s going on and you don’t. It’s not your body, I’m not your woman, it’s not your place to try to figure out why I want to do what I want to do. Just listen to what the fuck I’m saying and stop trying to argue me down about a point you think I’m scared of. I’m not scared of your dick, I’m not scared of falling in love with a bitch ass nigga I don’t even like, I’m not scared you’re not gonna talk to me again, if anything I’m scared you’ll never leave me alone. I’m just trying to live a life that makes me feel good. You touching my pussy feels good for 2.5 seconds and makes me disgusted for the rest of my life.

Please just leave me alone. Do what I tell you to do. You don’t know me better than I know myself. You don’t know what I’ve been through or why I want to do what I want to do. It’s not a discussion. There is no debate. Your opinion doesn’t matter.

Fucking listen to me!!!


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