My Protector

Just so I don’t forget the wonderful thing that happened to me yesterday.

So last week when I was all sad and depressed, I couldn’t do any of my homework. I was really upset that each day I just wanted to lay in bed was 5 more points off from my assignments. I just wanted to lay and do nothing but I felt really bad because I knew I had a lot to do. I didn’t want my final grades to be affected by a period of loneliness that normally goes away pretty quickly.

After seeing my counselor and hanging out with my friends I was back to productivity. I completed assignments and turned them in. I decided to email the TA just in case he’s nice to let him know my situation. In my head, worst case scenario I get the 20 points off for being 4 days late (not counting the weekend, thank God). Best case scenario he believes me and only counts the one day late from when I got sick. Im really going back and forth with myself like what if he doesn’t believe me? What if he asks for a doctor’s note? What if he hates me cuz I’m late to his class all the time? In the end I decided to just send the email and expect the worst.

Blessings be to God he gives me my grade back and I see a minus 5 for one day late šŸ™ŒšŸ™ŒšŸ™Œ

Words cannot describe how unworthy I feel of the favor that’s on my life. Every time I think I’m messing up or I didn’t study enough or I wasn’t disciplined enough, something always happens to make sure I’m good!!!!!!!

Y’all just don’t understand like I really feel like I got somebody looking out for me every second of the day. May I never forget how much my protector loves and watches over me. šŸ’œ


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