Let men be men

Ladies you can be a strong independent woman who accepts gifts.

Men are on this earth to take care of us. I promise you will see a beautiful side of men if you just sit back and let them take care of you. If he wants to pay for your nails. Let him. I know you can pay for yourself, but that’s really besides the point. No matter if you can or you can’t men desire to be useful.

They want to please their woman and you refusing to accept his gifts is going to push him away. Men are providers, he will feel purposeless with you if he’s not providing for you.

Now I know some women like to pay for themselves because some men do it because they think they’ll get something in return. But guess what? He still don’t have to get nothing. If he gets mad because he paid for your dinner, drinks, etc and you don’t give him some pussy then let him be mad! You did not ask him for anything. He offered and you accepted, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I will clarify that if you’re manipulating men so believe they will get something just so they do something for you then that’s not ok.

But if you are living your life and a man offers to buy you a drink and you want a drink?? Say yes, thank you. Especially when that man is your man.

Let him take care of you baby girl. You don’t have to do everything on your own.


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