Late homework

Soo I was finishing up my assignments, still catching up from last week when I was sick. It’s Friday when my report was due Tuesday. I already have 15 points off and if I don’t turn it in by 5 pm I get another 5 points off so my max grade would be an 80.

I’m doing my work then I realize the calculations I’m doing aren’t adding up. I’m following the instructions but something is off. I decide to just leave the numbers as they are so A) I could be done with the report and not have to think about it on the weekend and B) idk if the points I’d get off from the wrong answer would be more than the points I’d save by turning it in Friday instead of Monday.

So it’s 4:47 and I finally finish the paper. I realize I still gotta go upstairs to print this out and get to the place that’s like a 10 minute walk away. I print the page and its like 4:55. I leave my bags in the computer room and take off running.

I already hate running, I look like I’m not in control idk. But I got these sandals on so they extra loud on the concrete. I keep checking the time and looking at how far I got to go. It turns to 4:58 and I still gotta get all the way around the fountain. I’m tired, my chest hurting and I’m just thinking like I could email him again so he knows I did it. But I don’t want to cuz I been emailing him a lot. I’m thinking I could just turn it in Monday and fix the problem. I’m thinking if I don’t make it on time they’re not gonna let me turn it in. That’s what my friend told me. She came 2 minutes late and they would not accept her report. So I’m sitting there like what do I do?? Do I keep running and feeling embarrassed just to not make it or do I turn around and give up before I even try.

I stop and realize, you know what, my Protector always take care of me. Idk what my friend got going on in her life but I can’t let her life experiences dictate what will happen in my life. Never have I ever not had favor. So I say you know what just try it. You came all the way here just go to the office, see if they’ll take it. Worse comes to worst you just turn it in Monday but at least you tried and you won’t wonder what if.

So I get up and I’m walking now. Briskly but still walking. I get to the office at 5:02 so basically if I would have kept running and never sat down I probably would have made it on time. But either way I’m there, 2 minutes after the office is supposed to close and the lady legit has her foot out the door. I guess she was locking it? Idk, all I know is she had all her things in hand and was ready to leave. She sees me, knows what I’m here for, and I can see on her face she was about to tell me it’s after 5 and I was too late. But what she actually did was take a deep breath and say “ok”. She took my paper and I said thank you and left soo happy.

Idk why I’m so loved. I have so much favor on my life. All I can do is be grateful.


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