When it was raining

So this morning I was getting ready to head to my lab. I saw it was about to rain outside, I got an alert before I went to sleep to expect rain at 5am, the forecast had been saying it was going to rain on Tuesday for the longest. So basically, I knew it was going to rain today. So what do I do? Not grab my umbrella 😂

It honestly was a conscious decision. I thought about it and decided not to. I guess in my head it wasn’t going to rain that hard so I wouldn’t need it? Idk but I didn’t grab it.

Lo and behold I walk out of my lab and its raining. Mind you it’s not too hard but it’s hard enough to get wet if you’re walking anywhere longer than a minute or so. So I’m thinking dang I really should have got my umbrella. I’m starting to feel bad about not listening to myself, but guess what? It was already in my bag from the last time it rained 😃

I promise I can do no wrong


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