How important is his career?

Pretty much I dated a man and he treats me almost perfectly, he probably understands me the best out of anyone in the world, he was never controlling or jealous, told me where he was going without me asking, he has overall great communication, he told me the password to his phone before I even knew he had a password, pretty much every thing women complain about men doing he never did.

My issue is his career isn’t something that I admire and I’ve always thought a wife should be your biggest supporter. My question is at what point do I leave a man alone who’s everything I could ever think to want and more if I don’t agree with his career choice?

It sounds like it’s an argument waiting to happen, when I get upset one day and I’ll throw in his face his lack of a stable career. Or if it is stable how childish I think it is. But then again maybe I’m more mature than that.

But I can’t over look the fact that when I’m with him I feel like it’s over. But when I think about him and how he treats me to this day and I think he’s perfect. Yeah he got a temper and he’ll call me some bitches and hoes but honestly truly that doesn’t affect me. If I gotta be a bitch and a ho every now and then to have a loyal man who knows how to communicate and don’t act like I’m crazy when he doesn’t understand something then I will gladly be a bitch. Especially if I know that’s how he is when he mad I know not to take anything he says to heart. He’s just upset and he’ll get over it and come apologize later.

But I can’t help thinking that a career is really serious. And all this is assuming that he wants to be with me again. He said he wanted to marry me but that was yearss ago. And other guys have said that but with him it’s a little different because I actually want to marry him. I want him to raise my kids. I want him to love me forever and ever. Plus he said I was gonna be his girl and I did become his girl unlike the bus driver who said we would get married but never even asked me on a date. So if he was right about me becoming his girl maybe he was right about me marrying him.

Maybe I should ask my mommy. She knows more than I do. She been married for 26 years. That would be an opportunity to grow closer to her but I’m scared she’ll judge me …

You know what? Idgaf fuck what his career is as long as he loves me forever and ever. Pay some bills, raise my kids, stay loyal, and do what makes you happy then come home to me. That’s my top priority.


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