Thought I had guy friends

So I met this guy through tinder right? We ended up being really good friends. We’d text all day, hang out almost every day, stay the night at each other’s places. But we wouldn’t hook up. Not even the half stuff I do with other guys.

I’d hold his elbow when we walked, we gave each other massages so there was physical contact but not overly sexual. We were together so much I met about all his friends. We never spoke about our relationship status so they kind of all assumed we were together. I didn’t care either way so I just went with it.

His friends would all say hi to me and ask how I’m doing. They were genuinely caring about my well being. Then me and the guy stopped being friends. (That’s another story). I see him and I straight ignore him. Now he’s all the way in Africa so I don’t see him anymore but I see his friends and still say hi.

One day I’m sitting outside, finding my peace and I see one of the guys. Next thing you know another one is behind me. We get lunch and hang out for a bit. I tell them about my life and they realize that I need friends. So A** is like alright I’ll text you (he’s been had my number we just never hung out like that).

Me and him end up taking a walk and it started off with a little tension(not sexual) but it got better. We were just chillin and talking. Then he goes to my room because I have food and he’s hungry. But when he finishes eating he’s not moving. We’d been talking about how he’s like me and doesn’t catch feelings so I have nothing to worry about with him. But I’m still on edge about him wanting me sexually. But as I’m observing his actions I’m getting a vibe that he wants to be a baby. He’s trying to cuddle up with me but more like please just hold me rather than let me sneak and touch your booty.

He ends up staying the night and I’m wondering are we gonna end up how me and his friend used to be?

The next day we go to a game night with A**, I****e, and K****e. Another of my ex friends friends is there. At first I thought they were all just being friendly then I started noticing flirting signs. They never acted like that when I was friends with N**o. Not once did any of his friends flirt with me but now all of them are flirting to the point where I’m wondering if it’s a trap to test how much of a ho I am.

Realistically they would have no reason to believe I was a ho to even try to test me but that’s what my paranoid brain comes up with when an entire friend group of guys is flirting with me.

They’re loyal to each other so they wouldn’t touch his woman. But now that he’s out of the country I’m up for grabs until another one of them claims me….

I really can’t help but wonder when guys would try to see if a girls a ho. I want it to be a test so bad that way I know that they all know they’re hitting on me. Literally one guy has his arms wrapped around me and as soon as he leaves another guy comes up asking how I am.

I used to feel so comfortable and like I was one of the guys but apparently N**o was just my immunity.


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