Greedy squirrels

It amazes me how many people at this school think these squirrels really like them. They legit only want food. Them hoes are greedy! I just can’t imagine how many people have fake friends and heartbreaks cuz they couldn’t tell when someone was using them.

I used to be the saame way. I was like aww these squirrels so friendly and cute.

Then I saw the light.

Same way gold diggers only give a guy attention for his money, these squirrels only give people attention for their food. It’s really quite obvious actually. That’s why I don’t get why sooooo many people obsess over them. They try to pet them only to be bitten cuz guess what? That squirrel only care about you if you got food in your hand. They don’t even understand why you’d hold out your hand if there’s no food in it, they don’t see anything, but they like I know you know what I’m here for 😏 so they bite.

Then once they realize you really was that dumb to come to them with no food, they dip.


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