Tired of Waiting

I’m sad.

I’m really trying to be controlled and wait for my man, but I’m tired 😥

Idk why my Mamma wanna make me wait.

I just want to be sexy and free.

Literally last night this man rubbing on my nipples and I started choking him.

I never do that……..

Usually guys have to ask me to do stuff, or else I have to have a whole conversation with myself about what I want to do.


But this was involuntary.

I feel exposed. I want to say violated, but he didn’t do anything wrong. I just didn’t want to feel that way with him. He was never supposed to see that side of me. I think Violet came out a little bit. C******** don’t choke men like that.

I’m just shocked.

And sad …

Sad that I feel like I have to restrain myself.

It’s not for any title or for what anybody would think it’s just for me.

I just don’t feel comfortable being freaky like that with a man who’s not mine 😥

I want my man to feel special and get all the things every other guy wanted, but could never achieve….

But how it’s looking he just gonna get all the same things plus loyalty lol

I’m just tired of waiting broooo. Why I gotta keep waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting?????? I just want to have my man so I can love him and I can tell him everything about my life, about my past, about my plans for the future. I want to be his sex goddess. I want to be wild and free, but with someone worth it 😥

I saw these 2 guys together and I don’t even know if they were dating, but I just assumed they were and I got jealous… I don’t even like gay people like that to be looking at them and want what they have… That’s how you know it’s serious.

I really want a man!!! I’m legit tired of waiting. I want to be taken care of. I want that emotional connection. I’m listening to songs and they’re reminding me of my ex but usually when I think about him it’s just oh yeah I remember but last night I was getting sad…

Maybe I’m just horny lol I just need some dick I guess. But where it’s at thoooo???!!!???!!??!!


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