Conversation with myself

Slut me: Bitch, let’s have some fun for once!

Nun me: What kind of fun you talking about?? I wanna have fun too, there’s this play, there’s jazz nights, art shows

Slut me: Girl wtf kinda fun is that?? Let’s suck some dick 😋

Nun me: Suck dick?? Are you crazy? Do you even know that man?

Slut me: I mean kinda, but look how he touching you. He aggressive. I’m getting wet already

Nun me: Wtf you getting wet for??? He not even cute!

Slut me: So 😂 Just don’t look at him, I bet he’ll be cute inside this pussy

Nun me: why are you even thinking like that, you’re at the grocery store??

Slut me: But I’m not gonna be here forever 🙄🙄 all I gotta do is make my intentions known and he’ll be in my bed 😏

Nun me: So you want to bring another man into your bed, the one you had last night wasn’t enough? What about the one from last week? You still talk to him?

Slut me: lol girl why you stressing, it’s your life. Do what you want. You’re single!! Why limit yourself to one man when you obviously don’t want to? What you waiting for?

Nun me: I’m waiting for someone who’s worth it. I’m waiting for someone I trust with my heart and soul. I’m waiting for someone who’s committed to making me happy and not looking for a quick nut.

Slut me: Ok that’s great and all, but where he at tho?? You been waiting for 21 years. How long you gonna keep waiting just miserable and horny?

Nun me: I don’t have to be miserable tho. I’ll figure out a way to suppress my sexual energy so it’s not building up and bothering me.

Slut me: Lol you really trying this again?? You really think that’s gonna work? You are biologically designed to be making babies right now. You think you can fight biology with your mind?

Nun me: Yess girl. Your mind is powerful. You control your life with your thoughts. I wasn’t serious about watching what I’m listening to and who I’m around. Obviously if I’m putting sex into my soul then that’s what’s going to come out. You’ll never get rid of the weeds you’re watering.

Slut me: Ok lol that’s great and all but what about now? Maybe that’ll work for next week but rn I’m horny and I’ve been having an attitude with people. I can’t be out here rude just cuz I need some dick

Nun me: Just be patient with me. You’ll get past it. I only need a couple days. Go meditate or something

Slut me: I really don’t wanna meditate..  I wanna suck some dick. Just look at him.. he would never expect it 😋

Nun me: Exactly, he doesn’t know what you’re thinking so you can back out now and he won’t be disappointed.

Slut me: I’m just gonna go say hi maybe he’ll ask to come up to my room so I don’t have to

Nun me: Girl what you need him in your room for?? It’s not even clean

Slut me: lol he won’t care 😂 That’s why he here now.

Nun me: Ok well just don’t let him do too much. You know you get carried away and don’t like to stop

Slut me: I’m not I promise. I’m just gonna stick my ass on his dick. I just wanna feel it but that’s it.

Nun me: Nigga, you knowww that’s about to get him excited. He gonna start touching all on you and that’s the end of it

Slut me: Mm you were right. But it feels good tho. Why can’t I just let him play with my nipples? We’re really not doing anything.

Nun me: Girl stop it, you know you about to get carried away in 2.5 seconds. Just calmly stop him before he starts hearing you moan and shit

Slut me: I’m just gonna be quiet with it. He won’t know I’m even enjoying it. I’m not moving or nothing. It’ll be good.

Nun me: What the fuck is wrong with you? You know you can’t control your body from shaking. You know he about to start hearing your breathing change you know this and you still acting like you big and bad and know how to control yourself.

Slut me: Lol ok 😂 I’ll stop him. Just in a couple seconds.. I don’t think I’m close, oh fuck. Mmm what if I just fucked him? Like I really can. That’s his penis on my leg, what if it was inside me?

Nun me: This exactly what I was talking about!!! You let it go on too far! Over here talking about I’m good I’m good. Just don’t even start next time. That’s what you need to do. We established this already.

Slut me: I knoww but dang, some dick would feel really nice rn. Do you know how long it’s been?

Nun me: You don’t even like sex, so what are you even talking about? You really think he about to be different than all the other niggas you were with? He about to start good then you’ll get bored and just be sitting there wishing you would have listened to me from the beginning.

Slut me: I really do think he’s different tho, I never felt like this before. He pays attention to my body. Oh my god and look how he’s riding me, I just wish all these clothes weren’t in the way…. maybe I should just reach down and grab his dick…

Nun me: You’re ridiculous. Seriously what the fuck is wrong with you. This man hasn’t said a word the whole time and you think you’re really about to be into it?? Do you never learn?? Don’t you dare touch his dick cuz you’re gonna open a can of worms that can never be closed.

Slut me: But I just wanna feel it ğŸ˜ž

Nun me: You feel that shit already

Slut me: It’s not the same tho… I wanna rub it and suck it and fuck him

Nun me: DON’T TOUCH HIS DICK HO!!!!! You already doing too much, dangggg 😡

Slut me: Oh my god ok I won’t geez. What’s your problem?

Nun me: My problem is that your slut ass never listen to my ass and we go through the same thing over and over and over again.

Slut me: I don’t listen to you cuz I’m tired 😔 I’m tired of being controlled, I’m tired of waiting, I’m tired of containing my desires. I just want to do what I want for once with no restrictions and be free

Nun me: Ok then ho. Be free but don’t come complaining to me when you get another disease.

Slut me: oh

Nun me: Yeah ho. Thats what I thought. Over here acting like you can just do whatever you want without any consequences. Get that mother fucker off of you before you go any further. You not even enjoying that shit anymore, you just fantasizing about what you want to happen.

Slut me: But he’s so into it, how do I stop.

Nun me: You just stop… I don’t get what’s so difficult.

Slut me: But he’s going to be confused… he has no idea what just went on in my head. He’s thinking everything is good and he might actually get some pussy. I don’t wanna just stop in the middle and leave him with blue balls.

Nun me: Let the man balls be blue!!! That is not your concern. Do what the fuck you need to do to make you happy and don’t worry about nobody else. He will be alright.

Slut me: But I know what he wants, I can easily just give it to him. Or I could just jack him off real quick so he gets a nut.

Nun me: You really think it’s about to be real quick? After he just told you he lasts a long time and you think it’s gonna be quick? Bitch get the fuck, you just gonna end up upset that you still rubbing his dick when he haven’t cum yet and then he gonna ask you for more and more cuz its not working.

Slut me: I guess you’re right, so what do I do just tell him to get off me? I don’t want him to think he did anything wrong? It was my decision.

Nun me: Yes tell the nigga to get the fuck off of you. Yeah sure you made the decision but the nigga knew you felt bad about doing that shit. He knew ahead of time and he still did it. The bitch told you he wouldn’t do that again but guess what his ass did?? 🙃

Slut me: Yeah he did say that but he’s a man, all I had to do was say no. I’m sure he would have stopped. I’m just gonna lay here, he’ll get the picture.

Nun me: Why is it so hard for you to just speak your mind. You wanted to do what you want right? So do it!

Slut me: I just don’t like letting people down. So I’m just gonna wait until he notices that , oh fuck. That felt good lol

Nun me: I don’t know what I’m going to do with you. You never listen, now you’re over here expecting him to know you’re over it when you’re still giving him reactions.

Slut me: Idk what you expect me to do. I can’t help it. I’m just laying here with a clear mind and then my body’s doing things I didnt approve of.

Nun me: That’s because you’re still allowing the man to touch you. Get the nigga off of you.

Slut me: I just can’t. He’s so into it, he’s having so much fun. I don’t want to stop him.

Nun me: BITCH!!!

Slut me: Oh he got the picture. He’s getting off now

Nun me: You fucking disgust me.


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