Is this a fetish?

So I’m talking to a potential sugar daddy right? I’m really just making up stuff so they think I like them and they buy me stuff. This one man in particular I figured out his sign and I’m doing all types of lowkey stuff to get him attached to me.

So now he’s very interested in me, I’m telling him what he wants to hear and honestly laughing out loud at how easy it is.

Then the man goes and tells me his rules for me. Rule number one was that I call him by his name when we’re having normal conversation and I call him sir or daddy when I’m wet…. the second I read that I actually got wet….

No BS. No faking, no mind games, reading his words turned me allll the way on. I close out the app and go to my text messages because I’m talking to other people and he tells me his second rule. I can’t even see all of it from the notification bar but all I see was that he was giving me a second rule and my vagina is throbbing.

Like what the heck?? Is this normal? Is this some kind of mental issue from my dad giving me rules all the time that now they turn me on??

I’m really shocked but I’m glad I’m learning more about what I like sexually so I can tell my man whenever he stops playing and calls me šŸ˜‚


3 thoughts on “Is this a fetish?

  1. Its incredible how much seeing words can turn you on. I’ve been chatting to a DOM and he has such a hold on me and we haven’t even met – yet when i get a text with orders in i am instantly turned on! Enjoy it hun! I know i am! šŸ˜‰

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