Looking for Someone

Andd the second post from my little sex blog lol

I’m looking for a very particular person, but I have no idea who he is.

I want someone who makes me feel comfortable being sexy. It’s a certain reaction that encourages me to continue what I’m doing. Certain word choice, body movements.. but that’s different than someone who gives me orders on what to do. I might call you Sir, I am a little bit submissive after all, but no way are you my superior. My man is my equal, he must respect and treat me as such. The only distinction is that I will do almost anything to please him. Best believe.

Now you see I have to clarify because a lot of men hear me say I want to be sexy, so they throw all their restraints out the window. But that’s not what I want. I don’t want an animal who can’t control himself. I want someone who’s a gentleman and in complete control of his body but chooses to worship mine. I want someone who vibes with me, uses the words I like to hear (for some reason I don’t like the word cock). I want someone who will take the time to get to know me, build the trust until I’m comfortable with him and then push me to explore all my fantasies and desires.

There’s a lot of men on this site who appreciate and love my body, but what good does that do me when you’re in Australia and I’m in the States ? I need to see your eyes get wide when I walk in the room, I need to feel your hands rubbing on me like you’re in love with my body and don’t want to let go, I need to hear you tell me how fine I am and how much you want to do to me, I need to feel your body’s reaction every time I kiss or bite you.

Do you see ? I know exactly who I’m looking for but I’ve never met the man in my life…


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