Sending love

Wow I just had the craziest experience. I mean I guess it’s not​ so crazy just a reminder of how my spirit knows things I don’t consciously know.

So I’m on the train on the way to school to get my charger. This man gets in and tbh I thought he was high because he was walking very stiff. He gets on the phone and he’s talking to his mom talking about “Momma I’m coming home. I can’t see shit like that ima relapse.” My first thought was woah this dude got some problems but the more he talked and the more I thought about it, he was doing very good.

For a man to know he has problems and​ see something to trigger his anger, violence, whatever he’s had issues with before and to know that he just needs to go home to his mother not to hurt anyone. I started feeling sympathy for him and wishing I could give him strength to keep doing what he’s doing and not have any relapses. He kept saying things like he can’t be around white people, something about 2 big white men and a little black girl, he was saying he’s pissed the fuck off and if he goes to work at the shelter and sees any white people he’ll stab them in their head lol its really not funny but I’m laughing now.

The more I heard the more I wanted to know what happened and help him stay strong. I wanted to give him a hug and let him know that everything will be ok. But then I realized that he’s talking about stabbing people so it’s probably best that I stay away from him in case he does relapse. And especially him being a man, he might ask for my number and then get mad when I reject him and that take him over the edge.

So I thought ooh I’ll just send him love telepathically. I didn’t know if it would work, but I really wanted to try. I thought about Sunday when we were doing yoga, the instructor told us to envision a green ball in our chest to spread love through the room. I thought it was love but it could have been peace or strength idk. So in my head I’m thinking to imitate that but then right away I thought no my balls not green it’s pink.

I’m envisioning a pink ball within me that’s traveling through a beam of pink light to him. I imagine it goes to his hair, his body, his legs, everywhere. After I was done I thought to look up is it even possible to send love energetically like that because I wanted to make sure it worked. Well the article I found was talking about to send love you need to be in a place of peace, I’m like ok got that. It said you need to love yourself, okay check. And​ then it said you need to imagine a pink ball in your chest and transfer that to them in your mind through a beam of light.

Now I’m like woah. I literally just did that and I had no knowledge of any of this. Of course it talked about the beam should go from your third eye to his and other details like that. But I was so amazed that I just knew my ball needed to be pink.

Things like this just confirm to me that my people are telling me what to do. All I need to do is listen.


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