Salty about some nudes

This man really got mad that I didn’t want to send him nudes.. I guess mad is an exaggeration but that’s what I do 😂

To be fair I did give him the impression​ that I would, then changed my mind. But shit I didn’t want to! He was horny, I was horny, so yeah I thought about it. I like showing off my body so I really was looking for someone to send nudes to and there he was.

The issue is, I need someone to give me a certain reaction when I send them or else I’ll get bored and disgusted and feel like I wasted my time. I could kinda tell he wasn’t going to give me what I needed but I asked anyway just in case I was wrong.

I’m asking him questions and letting him know that I need a man who’s verbal which he’s obviously not (he said it himself, he only talks  a during sex when he’s drunk). Now he’s like omg I’m not hard anymore you took too long 🙄 I tell him we’ll I’m difficult sorry hoping he would understand that obviously I was interested but I needed to make sure I was gonna get pleasure out of the situation as well because it’s not easy for me to be pleasured. Oh but noo, he took that to mean I’m being purposefully difficult and dragging the situation on for no reason, so I had to correct him and let him know​ that I’m not about to be making his day and giving him the best orgasm of his life and be over here bored not getting anything out of it… Tf? This is not a one way street my friend.

Like what part of I need words makes you think I’m going to do something with you when you specifically told me you don’t speak??? And then you still talking about let’s try and see.. bitch I wish I would try and give you everything you want just so I can be left regretting my decision. I specifically told you what I needed and you playing games acting like you about to try and give me what I want when I know damnn well you just trying to get a nut. Better find some other hoe. Homey don’t play that


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